The Greycliffs On The Yellowstone

William Thomas Grave (1866)

Welcome to the Greycliff Prairie Dog Town State Park Picture Tour

Thank you Montana State Parks, the Nature Conservancy, and the Montana Department of Transportation for making the opportunity to really see Montana, easy.  In between the communities of Greycliff and Reed Point, Montana sits the 98 -acre Greycliff Prairie Dog Town State Park.  If it is early morning or towards the end of the day you can’t beat a stop at this Montana treasure.  Jump out of the car and stretch your legs as you walk the gravel roads to observe the black-tailed prairie dog community.

During your walk consider the following; the intricate underground colonies—called prairie dog towns—create shelter for jackrabbits, toads, and rattlesnakes. The bare patches of ground created by their grazing and burrowing attract certain insects that feed a variety of birds. And prairie dogs themselves are a key food source for everything from coyotes to hawks to endangered black-footed ferrets.  A prairie dog town supports at least 136 other species through their various activities.

Keep your distance

Prairie Dogs look cute but remember they are skilled fighters armed with sharp claws and powerful teeth. “The worst animal bite I’ve ever gotten was from a prairie dog,” said Jessica Alexander, a program associate in WWF’s Northern Great Plains office.

Prairie Dogs not that common

There used to be hundreds of millions of prairie dogs in North America. European settlers traveling through the West wrote about passing through massive prairie dog colonies, some of which extended for miles. But over time, their historical range  has been reduced by 95% of its original extent due to a host of pressures, including habitat encroachment by humans.

Greycliff, Montana

Because the unincorporated community of Greycliff, Montana consists of only a few buildings we have included pictures of Greycliff, Montana in this tour.