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Explore the Great Falls area from Simms to Monarch, Montana on MontanaPictures.Net

  Take an October walk along the Missouri River in Great Falls, Montana to see the "Fall Colors."  
  The "Great Falls Carpool Tour" -  687 Single frame photos, 166 Panoramas and 16 Movies shot during the prettiest time of year.  



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Civic Center Park. NEW!  Walk around the Farmers' Market in Great Falls, Montana.

Updated 8/16/10

Gibson Park  (7 pages)  Visit the Amphitheater and the "Duck Pond."


Hop up the residential streets  Visit the Columbus hospital, Whittier Elementary,


of 2nd, 3rd & 4th  (8 pages)  Cascade County Court House, The Charlie Russell Manor  
   and St. Anne's Cathedral.  
More Great Falls Churches  Churches we found close to the downtown area.


C.M. Russell Museum  Walk around the grounds of the C.M. Russell Museum.


Memorial Park  See Memorial Park in October.


Great Falls High School  Walk around GFHS during a pretty Fall day.


Walk the first floor of GFHS  Walk from the auditorium to the GFHS Trophy Case.


C.M.Russell Gravesite  (4 pages)   Walk through Highland Cemetery.


Central Avenue  (7 pages)  Walk from Paris Gibson to the Civic Center.


   We shot big beautiful panoramas with plenty of room  
   for your memories.  See the December "Holiday Lights."  
Great Falls Winter  (7 pages)  Walk from the Civic Center to Gibson Park in January.


   See the December "Holiday Lights" along Central Avenue.  
   See the January panorama of Great Falls from the airport.  
Warden Park  (4 pages)  See the view from the south side of Great Falls.


   We start at Warden Park and walk past Benefis  
   Healthcare, the University of Great Falls and end at  
   the Lewis & Clark Historical Marker on Tenth Avenue South.  
Black Eagle Falls  (7 pages)  See all the Missouri River landmarks from Black Eagle


   Falls to the Morony Dam.  We filmed the waterfalls  
   during the Spring "Runoff."  Make a Fall & June visit to   
   "Giant Springs" and the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center.  
North Shore Trail  (3 pages)  Walk the North Shore Trail to Cochrane Dam.


   Explore the "Crooked Falls Managed Natural Area"  
"The Great Falls of the  See the June panorama of Great Falls from the Havre Road.


Missouri River"   (3 pages)  See the "Great Falls" from the BEST vantage point.  
   Watch the thundering "Great Falls" from the the foot of the Falls.  
The drive to Morony Dam  One of life's simple pleasures is a drive to the Morony Dam during


(4 pages)  a June Sunset.  Explore the abandoned Morony Township.  
(Morony Dam is shown below.)  compare current photos with pictures taken in the 1930's.  
Great Falls Expo Park  See the October panorama of Great Falls from Hill 57.


(4 pages)  Stop by CM Russell High School, North Middle School,  
   Riverview Elementary & Valley View Elementary.  
   Walk around the Fairgrounds a.k.a. "Expo Park" in October.  
   Watch the finals of the Men's Relay Race during the State Fair.  
   See the October panorama of Great Falls the I-15 corridor.  
See the towns and landmarks  See Vaughn, Sun River, Fort Shaw, Simms, Belt  
around Great Fall from  Cascade, Ulm, Ulm Pishkun State Park, Tracy, Stockett,  
Simms to Monarch, Montana.  Sand Coulee, Sluice Boxes State Park, Armington Junction,  
   Monarch, Neihart, Showdown Ski Area, Crown Butte,  
   Square Butte and the Sun River.  
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