Welcome to the Great Falls Montana Picture Tour

Good News!  New panoramas of Central Avenue have been photographed in October, 2017.  Update Coming Soon

Get ready, we are walking up Central Avenue from Fifteenth Street North to the Civic Center.  All the following images will be BIG panoramas.  Due to the size of the panoramas, many visitors like to put “mole skin” on their pointer finger to prevent blisters.  Others say a wrist band is a great way to soak up perspiration created from all the scrolling required to see the panoramas. You might want to make sure your “mouse” is in good working order.  A spare “track ball” for repairs might come in handy.

(Above) Picture of the Paris Gibson School on Central Avenue & Fifteenth Street North in Great Falls, Montana.

(Above) Central Avenue & Fourteenth Street North.  As we walk up Central Avenue we will turn occasionally to see pictures of landmark buildings on First Avenue South or First Avenue North.  Take all the time you want to look at the landmarks but keep an eye out for cars.

(Below) Central Avenue & Eleventh Street North.   Check the gallery below to see the two buildings on the corner of Twelfth Street North.   Check the gallery below to see the old Washington school on First Avenue North.  The school was built in 1909.   Check the gallery below to see the Leighland building. on Tenth street North.

(Above) Central Avenue & 10th Street North.  Hey, wait a minute!  We see a reflection of a walker in the Senior Center window but we don’t see him on the sidewalk.  It’s “magic” :o)

(Below) Central Avenue & Ninth Street North.  The “Jacobean Revival” style Masonic Temple at 821 Central Avenue was built in 1914.  Let’s turn left to see the Largent Grade School at 915 1st Avenue South.  The three story brick and stone building was built in 1917 and named after Sam Largent, a former school superintendent.  Golden Triangle Mental Health Center purchased the building and completely renovated the former school for use as clinical offices.

(Above)  Central Avenue & Eighth Street North.  The mural on the white Jackson Hewitt building across the street depicts one of the more famous grizzly encounters of the Lewis & Clark expedition.  On June 14, 1805 Captain Clark shot a bison for lunch on the west bank of the Missouri River in present-day Great Falls.  To Clark’s shock, a grizzly surprised the hungry hunter.  Clark was forced to run into the river to flee from the bear.  Before the day was over, Clark was attacked by a badger and later charged by bull bison.  Kids, don’t try this at home.

(Below) Central Avenue & Seventh Street North.

(Above)  Central Avenue & Sixth Street North.   Sadly, the Public Drug building, burnt down in the winter of 2007.  We left the panorama of the iconic building for the folks who remember the Central Avenue landmark.  Wow!  Look at the white Terra Cotta on the Pantages Theater to the right of the Pharmacy.  The “Beaux-Arts” style theater was built in 1913.

(Below)  Central Avenue & Fifth Street North.

(Above)  Central Avenue & Fourth Street North.

(Below)  Central Avenue & Third Street North.  Across the street you can see our favorite “Charlie Russell” statue by Wyoming artist, Buckeye Blake.

(Above)  Central Avenue & Second Street North in Great Falls, Montana.

(Below)  The U.S. Post Office building at 215 First Avenue North & Second Street North.  You can see the west side of the Rainbow Hotel on the far right of the panorama.