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Highway 87/200 View North

The Inkbeiner Elevator

Post Office

City Park

Grass Range School

Welcome to the Grass Range, Montana Picture Tour

During the ride from Forest Grove, Montana to Grass Range, Montana we found one of the most memorable cemetery gates in Montana. Don’t take our word for it, see for yourself. (Montana Gate Tour video below).

Once you reach town take some time and enjoy the City Park.  The park has a fantastic Historical Marker that makes what some people might view as “dry history” into a wealth of information and local flavor. We posted the sign contents below for you to enjoy.

For you folks who love history, we thought you should know there is a great 552-page book complied by the Grass Range History Committee called:  From the Foothills to the Plains – History of Grass Range and Southeastern Fergus County, Montana.  We included the link to purchase the book, in case you wanted to take an in depth look at this incredible landscape.

The Grass Range Historical Marker Reads:    1883   Grass Range   1983

“Cattleman trailing herds through the Missouri Breaks, “Took a Likeum” To this grassy range and vowed they would com back and settle here. Gradually, this came about.

By 1883, enough courageous people had “Settled Here” to request a postal drop.  Which was established at a location just north of town and was first called Chamberland.  This stage stop was along the main traveled road between Fort Maginnis and Musselshell with branch routes to Billings.

By 1910, homesteaders permeated the area and the little town grew by leaps and bounds. Restaurants, saloons and livery stables out-numbered the other many businesses.  Three lumber yards operated at one time.

Prosperity came to an end in the early ‘30’s when drought, grasshoppers and the Depression caused many to leave the country.  However, those with determination stayed and survived as did the little town.  It is still the “Trading Post” at the Junction of Highway 87, 200 & 19.”

Montana Cemetery Gate Tour

See the entrance to 48 historic Montana cemeteries. The 1,500 mile tour begins in Central Montana, followed by gates in NE Montana, SE Montana, SW Montana, Western Montana and ends in the NW corner of the state.

With the exception of Southwest Montana, most of the metal cemetery gates in Montana were shipped in from the Midwest. Some of the gates and fences in Butte & Lima, Montana were manufactured by the “Montana Ornamental Iron & Wire Works” in Butte. Click here to learn more about the origins of the turn-of-the-century metal cemetery gates in Montana.