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Walking around Glendive, Montana on MontanaPictures.Net  (Page one of seven)

The east view over the Yellowstone River
       62507 Over the years we have been lucky to meet quite a few people from Glendive, Montana.
      They all had one thing in common, they we're all really friendly.  We're going to Glendive to investigate why.
      (Please scroll to the right to see the view.)
Picture of an old Texaco gas station in Glendive Montana.
       62507 We jumped off Interstate 94 via the Glendive exit and started to smile the minute we rolled into town.
      The gas station (above) is not operational but we still had to stop.
Pictures of an antique gasoline pump.  

 Click here to see the nozzle


  Click here to see the manufacturer's tag


Click here to see the manufacturer's tag

     62507 For you kids out there, this is what a Montana gas station looked like in the 1960's.
     Your grandfather would pull up next to the pumps and say, "Regular please." (The red pump on the left)
     While the gas was pumping, the gas station attendant would clean the windshield, update you on the weather report and check the oil. 
     If you were in first grade and your grandfather knew the owner,  you also got a free Hershey chocolate bar.
     (Does anyone else out there still have the free "Charlie Russell" print you received after filling up at a Union 76?)
Walking around Glendive, Montana (Page one of seven)

Walk along Glendive's downtown - Merrill Avenue


Let's watch the sunset from Makoshika State Park

Walk through one of Glendive's pretty residential areas - Meade Avenue
Let's drive out to Dawson Community College


Ride northeast on State Road S200 to Lindsay, Montana

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