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A Labor Day view of Glasgow, Montana on MontanaPictures.Net (page one of one)

90609 Our third attempt to photograph Glasgow, St Marie & Larslan, Montana was rained out.
We'll be back next June when the hills are green and the sky is clear.
We we did manage to film the view of Glasgow from the north side of town.
July, 2011 Update
 How about some good news!  We now have beautiful photo tours of every Montana town
from Glasgow to Bainville on Highway Two.
We also have fun photo tours of every Montana town north of Highway Two
between Glasgow to Bainville, Montana.
There's more, we now have fantastic photo tours of every Montana town south of Highway Two
between Glasgow to Bainville, Montana to Interstate 94.
We'll post the town tours, as time permits, during the coming months so check back regularly
or join the Facebook Group "Montana Pictures .Net" for weekly updates.
Glasgow, Montana Overlook (Page one of one)
Drive along the "Hi-Line" from Havre to Westby, Montana
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