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Glacier National Park Picture Tours – Swiftcurrent Pass Hike

It’s a shame to do a day hike up to Swiftcurrent Pass, then have to turn around and return to the trailhead before night fall.  Ideally, you camp in the backcountry campground at Fifty Mountain. Next, you walk the eleven miles along the Continental Divide to make camp at Granite Park Chalet. In the morning, you make a leisurely walk down Swiftcurrent Pass to the Many Glacier area.  That way you can experience the changing sunlight and see the spectacular vistas it creates.

The Swiftcurrent Pass Hike Tour will show you what you might expect to see, if you made a dash from the Swiftcurrent Store, up to Swiftcurrent Fire Lookout, over to Granite Park Chalet and then back to the Swiftcurrent Store before the stars appear. The hike is a bit of a “sprint.” We absolutely do not endorse rushing down any backcountry trail because you will miss too much. If you decide to go, be sure to take the proper precautions.


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