Polebridge, Montana

Polebridge Sunset

Polebridge Camping

Polebridge, Montana

Ride South - Favorite Cabin

We Found Pavement - Enjoy!

North Fork Flathead River

Outside North Fork Road near Camas Road

North Fork Flathead River near Camas Road

North of Polebridge

Keep Going North

Ford River Access

North Fork Flathead River

Border River Access

You might as well take your time bouncing down the Outside North Fork Road.   Sure, it sometimes feels like the rafts on the river are making better time than your vehicle on the gravel road.  The thirty-three-mile drive from the border to the Camas Road does have a couple stretches of pavement.  Think of the gravel road as the one connection to the past that helps preserve the west side of Glacier Park. The gravel road is not an annoyance but a blessing.

 If you have the time, the “Big Creek Forest Service Campground” (below) is a great camp next to the river.  Just north of the campground you can still see the “Fire Emergency – 1967” sign.  The old sign is a bittersweet reminder of what was once considered a large forest fire.  For comparison,  read “The Fires of 2003” sign posted on the Camas Road.

When you ride north of Polebridge, Montana towards the border, you will see the aftermath of the “Wedge Canyon Fire of 2003.”  The fire burned a total of 53,400 acres.  If the sun is shining don’t hesitate, make it a point to drive north on the “Outside North Fork Road.”  You will find some pretty views near the “Ford River Access” and a little farther north at the “Border River Access.”