Bowman Creek

Bowman Lake

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Look Up

Akokala Lake? Nope

Akokala Lake

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No Waiting in Line

Bowman Lake from Numa Ridge

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We're Jumping In

Fifteen miles south of Kintla Lake you’ll find Bowman Creek and the turn-off to Bowman Lake.    Turn west and let’s go to Bowman Lake and the Numa Ridge Lookout.  Careful driving up to the lake.  The gravel road is narrow and has lots of “blind-curves.”   Large vehicles can’t navigate the narrow gravel road to the Bowman Lake Campground,  meaning you will  only see tents and small truck campers in the campsites.  The rustic campground reminds of you of what camping must of been like fifty years ago.

The views from any of the Glacier Park Fire lookouts are spectacular but you have to work for them. Especially, hiking through the dark Lodge Pole Pine forests on the of the west side of the park.  Do you remember the “Flying Monkeys” in the movie classic “Wizard of Oz?”     We are convinced they live in this part of the park. :o)