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Glacier National Park Picture Tours – Kintla Lake Hike

Welcome!  There is so much to see, so let’s get started on

this eighteen stop, Glacier National Park Picture Tour.


For us, Kintla Lake has always been the end of a five or seven night hike from either the Swiftcurrent or the Belly River area.  We can’t say enough good things about the remote rustic campground in the far northwest corner of Glacier National Park.

The Kintla Lake Campground offers thirteen quiet tent campsites and a working water pump.  Best of all, we like the close proximity of landscapes and experiences that are unique to Glacier Park.   For instance, mornings are always a treat on Kintla Lake.  On cloudy days, you can listen to the Loon sing.  On sunny days, you can hear the rhythmic paddling of a canoe or kayak on the still water.  Motorized boats are not allowed on Kintla Lake.  Don’t care for still lake water?  Then ride down to the nearby “Upper Kintla Rapids” on the North Fork of the Flathead River and watch Osprey and Eagle dive for trout.  If you are feeling claustrophobic in the Lodge Pole Pine surrounding the lake, just ride down to either Round Prairie or Big Prairie to enjoy vistas of flower covered open areas with the majestic Livingston Mountain Range to the west.  Need some incredible alpine scenery?  Obtain a backcountry permit and spend a night at Upper Kintla Lake or nearby Boulder Pass.  Just be sure to store your hiking boots in your tent over night so the Pika’s don’t chew away all the salt incrusted foam padding from your boots.

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