Highway 89 North

Highway 89

Chief Mountain - Dawn

Chief Mountain

We are sorry to say, Chief Mountain is the final leg,

of the Glacier National Park Picture Tours.


When you are near the foot of Chief Mountain you know you have reached the end of this Glacier National Park Picture Tours.  The summit also marks the beginning of other memorable adventures. If you have a passport, you can continue north into Alberta, Canada to see Waterton Glacier International Peace Park to see even more of this incredible landscape.

Explorers used Chief Mountain as an important landmark to find their location while standing on the vast rolling plains to the east of the mountains. Today, it’s still a significant landmark that commands respect.  Unless you are Native American, you are not allowed to hike to the top of Chief Mountain – it’s sacred.  In this day of constant change, it’s wonderful to see some ancient traditions still remain in place.

If you would like to see big beautiful panoramas of the Glacier National Park trails, just send us a Request.   Thank you!

Chief Mountain is also the start of a favorite seven night hike that traverses west across Glacier National Park.  You hike along the Belly River to Cosely Lakes, up and over Stoney Indian Pass then north to Goat Haunt at the foot of Waterton Lake.  From there you renew your back country permit and hike up and over Browns Pass and Boulder Pass, then down to the start of our tour, Kintla Lake.

We included a picture of the Angus cattle, to remind you to keep an eye on the road while on the eastside of Glacier National Park.  The black silhouettes of the cattle are really difficult to see late in the day.