Welcome to the Giant Springs In Great Falls Montana Tour

The intense Summer heat of July and August can be a shock to many visitors.  A popular oasis in the sea of wheat is the Giant Springs State Park in Great Falls Montana.  The spring was discovered by the Lewis and Clark Expedition in 1805 and is one of the largest freshwater springs in the world. A visitor can easily spend hours watching the trout feed in the crystal clear water as the sound of rushing water and cool breeze help re-energize your body and mind. Or if you prefer you can admire the five pound trout cruising the waters of the State Trout Hatchery found nearby.  Just follow the 201-foot-long Roe River from the Spring to the Missouri River to find the Hatchery Pond.

In the winter, Giant Springs takes on a whole new identity.  It becomes an oasis for wildlife looking for open water and shelter from the cold winds. The combination of watching the wildlife and the steam rise above the Giant Springs is like a scene from the Discovery Channel only you are part of the show.  Visit Giant Springs State Park anytime of the year and you will see why it is our favorite Great Falls landmark.

FWP Region 4 Headquarters

Missouri River

Giant Springs State Park

The 201-foot-long Roe River

Giant Springs