Garrison Junction Montana Picture Tour

Flint Creek Mountain Range

Garrison Junction - Riverfront CG

Garrison Junction

MacDonald Pass NW of Garrison Junction

NW of Garrison Junction

View Of MacDonald Pass

Snow Fence On MacDonald Pass

Welcome to the Garrison Junction, Montana Picture Tour

Ask anyone who made a snowy winter drive from Butte or Helena to Missoula prior to the 1970’s and they will reminisce about Garrison Junction, Montana.  Garrison Junction was where you stop for hot coffee to warm your bones and get a vital update on winter road conditions.  Sitting at the Garrison Junction café, travelers could rub elbows with truck drivers, ranchers and politicians and learn if the road was icy near Bearmouth to the west or on MacDonald Pass near Helena. Garrison Junction was and still is where you checked you winter tire chains and made sure your load you were hauling was secure. When Interstate 90 was completed in 1966, Garrison Junction slowly died away.  There was no longer a need to stop. Winter weather reports came over the car radio. There were new Rest Areas to the west of town.

Little remains of the buildings and people in Garrison Junction. If you want to see Montana ranchers, ride east to Deer Lodge, Montana. You might see an occasional semi-truck parked in the large dirt parking lot but mostly all you hear is the whine of traffic rushing past this once a vibrant “social center” for Western Montana travelers.

Garrison Junction, Montana began as the railroad connection for Helena. The railroad from Helena, Montana went over the Continental Divide via the Mullan Pass Tunnel and followed the beautiful, historic valley carved by the Little Blackfoot River.  We thought it is appropriate to include pictures of all the landmarks found along the Little Blackfoot River Valley from MacDonald Pass to Garrison Junction, Montana.