Welcome to the Garnet, Montana Ghost Town Picture Tour

You will be disappointed if you are looking for ghosts in the popular Ghost Town of Garnet, Montana. Year-around visitors to the old mining town means the ghosts left long ago. If you really want to hear ghosts, ride southeast to Medicine Rocks State Park north of Ekalaka, Montana. Pitch a tent, skip the campfire and listen carefully, they’re out there.

Need to see more Montana Ghost Towns?  Visit Bannack, Montana. Moose Creek, Montana or Virginia City, Montana.

After you visit the Ghost Town of Garnet, Montana you have a choice on how to return back home. You can take the gentle gravel road towards Highway 200. Or learn a little history by bouncing down the “spooky” one-lane rocky road south towards Bearmouth, Montana (West), Drummond, Montana (East) and Interstate 90.