Dewey Avenue (aka Highway 93)

Dewey Avenue

Dewey Avenue

Dewey Avenue

Memorial Park

Lincoln County High School

Riverside Park

Whitefish Mountain Range

Welcome to the Eureka, Montana Picture Tour

Yippee! We finally made it to Eureka, Montana in the Tobacco Valley.  Northeast of Eureka, Montana you can see the Whitefish Mountains.  In between the Whitefish Mountains and Glacier Park is the beginning of the 1,200 mile Pacific Northwest Trail.  In the slide show you will see a series of views of downtown as you walk north down Dewey Avenue (a.k.a. Highway 93).  Eureka, Montana is in the center of some incredible Montana country.  To learn more, visit a great source of Western Montana history & stories at

So why is it called the Tobacco Valley?  The “tobacco” was a mixture bearberry (later known as kinnikinnick) and the cambium (inner bark) of red-osier dogwood.  Below is a winter picture of the distinctive red Dogwood plant near Anaconda, Montana. 

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