Ride from Ennis to Jeffers, Montana. Turn south and visit the Wall Creek Wildlife Management Area.  Continue riding south past the Palisades Recreation Area.  Next,  we turn west and climb up and over the Gravelly Range to the Ruby Reservoir south of Sheridan, Montana.


Just riding to Ennis, Montana on Highway 287 is exciting. In the distance, you can see the Tobacco Root Mountains. You will find Pony, Montana at the foot of the mountains. On the eastern side you will find Twin Bridges, Montana.  Continue riding south to the spectacular Madison Valley.

We are entering the Madison Valley!  To your right (west) is the Gravelly Range.  Look closely and you see the remains of the old Bozeman Trail (1864) extension to Virginia City, Montana.

The view of the Madison Valley from Highway 287.  To the left is the Madison Range and Big Sky, Montana. To your right is the Gravelly Range and Virginia City, Montana.  No matter what direction you travel during the month of June, you can’t go wrong.

To the visitors not accustomed to high elevation and intense sunshine Ennis, Montana feels like an oasis.

Make it a point to stay in Ennis, Montana on your way to or from Yellowstone National Park.

Walk along Main street, visit the shops then make camp along the Madison River at the Valley Garden Fishing Access near Jeffers, Montana. You can thank us later.

Don’t forget, it’s a short eighteen miles west of Ennis is the popular Virginia City and Nevada City, Montana.