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Columbia Falls, Montana pictures on MontanaPictures.Net  (Page one of three)

      91403 Note - This tour was originally built in 2007 for G.C. 
      G.C. was an exchange student from Italy who attended school in Columbia Falls in 2003.
      G.C. we rolled into Columbia Falls at 3 pm.  The best time to shoot pictures during the Montana summer is after 4 pm.
      We didn't have the right sunlight AND the sky was full of clouds that made a "flat" background.
      Oh well, let's walk from the "First  Citizens Bank" to "The Hungry Horse News" building on Highway Two.

 "Credit Union Park" next to the bank

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 The Birch trees along Nucleus Avenue


Look north towards "Smith's Grocery Store"


There's "Mr. D's Cafe"

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Exploring Columbia Falls,  Montana  (Page one of three)
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