Darby High School

Welcome to the Darby Montana Picture Tour

We would like to thank “C.L.” and the “gang” for their 7/11 request. They wanted to see Darby, Montana, the “Trapper Creek C.C.C.” and “Painted Rocks State Park.” They also suggested we photograph all the Darby area buildings & bridges built by the C.C.C. in the 1930’s. This why we ask for requests on MontanaPictures.Net. There are so many fascinating Montana locations that would take four life times to see them all. Your Requests help us focus our efforts to insure more Montana locations can be photograph for all the folks out there, that are homesick for Montana.

So Much to See

Darby, Montana is in the heart of some incredible country. To show you much as we can, we will present the Darby, Montana Tour in three Stages. Stage One: The town of Darby, Montana. Stage Two: The Painted Rocks State Park area. Stage Three: Bitteroot Valley Landmarks from Sula, Montana to Trapper Peak.