View from Highway 12

Crazy Mountains

East Side Of The Crazies

Want the “Big Open” feeling of Montana?

During the month of June, the road from Harlowton to Two Dot, Montana on Highway 12 is one of the prettiest drives in the state. The wide open space is broken up by the Crazy Mountains to the southwest. Let’s turn off Highway 12 and hike into the Crazy Mountains. In a hurry? The video below will have you in the mountains in no time.

Need help climbing up the “switch backs?” Here are some favorite Montana trail tunes through the decades.
1920’s – “Take a Whiff On me” by Leadbelly (Covered by the Mission Mountain Wood Band.)

1930’s – “When it’s Springtime in the Rockies” written by Utah’s Mary Hale Woolsey.

1950’s – “Crazy” by Pasty Cline.

1970’s – “Rippling Water” by Jimmy Ibbotson of “Nitty Gritty Dirt Band” fame.

1970’s – “Carolina in the Pines” by Michael Martin Murphy.

1990’s – “Prairie Moon” by Tish Hinojosa