Highway 78 Bridge

Yellowstone River

Yellowstone River West Of Town

Graham Field

Valley Federal Credit Union

Park Avenue Park

Yellowstone Bank Building

Pike Avenue (Old US Highway 10)

Pratten Avenue

Central Montana Co-Op

Montana Silversmiths

Itch-Kep-Pe Park

Mountain View Cemetery

February View

Welcome to the Columbus, Montana Picture Tour

We used to tease a former school roommate from Columbus, Montana that their town was once called “Skunk Flats” prior to the introduction of the Northern Pacific Railroad in 1882.  It seems Columbus got the last laugh. Today, Columbus is a vibrant community with a growing population.

Because of it’s geographic location Columbus, Montana is a favorite rest stop for Interstate 90 travelers from the Mid West driving out to Seattle. They have easy access to food, fuel and lodging but I wonder how many travelers know Columbus is the gateway to the some of Montana’s most incredible mountain scenery.  By following State Highway 78 they can see a truly unique side of Montana.

Don’t pass up the chance to ride Ride Highway 78

Highway 78 is not officially designated a Montana Scenic Byway. If you make the ride during the months of June through July you will wonder why not.  The winding two lane road passes by historic buildings and through tiny Montana towns such as Absarokee, Fishtail, Roscoe, Luther while affording incredible views of the towering Beartooth Mountains.

Red Lodge and the Beartooth Highway

Once in Red Lodge, travelers can drive up and over the Beartooth Mountains to Cooke City, Montana and Yellowstone National Park. The 65-mile Beartooth Highway consists of major switchbacks as you climb to the elevation of 10,942 ft.  At the top, on a clear day you will experience amazing views of up to 75 miles in distance, with mountain lakes and fields of wildflowers in the summer.

Pressed for Time?

We have posted picture tours of the towns listed above and the Beartooth Highway so you can get a better idea what is south of Columbus, Montana.