Teton County Courthouse

Main Street

Rodeo Grounds In Choteau

Welcome to the Choteau, Montana Picture Tour

Enter the town of Choteau from the north on Highway 89. Let’s follow the two lane road through town. Remeber to drive slow or you might miss something.  The ancient “Cottonwood” trees bordering Main street (Highway 89) makes a visit to Choteau memorable.

Be sure to see the exhibits in the Old Trail Museum.  One of our favorite exhibits we call “Unlucky Pierre.” It’s the remains of a French Trapper who died of “lead poisoning” and multiple arrows sometime during the 1830’s.

Before you go to Choteau, Montana

You’re in Ivan Doig country and the second home of author A.B. Guthrie Jr.  You will get so much more out of your visit to the Rocky Mountains Front if you spend a little time reading their work.

Choteau, Montana Hikes