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Chester, Montana pictures on MontanaPictures.Net (Page four of nine)

Picture panorama of downtown Chester Montana.
      42405  Chester's First street morning view.  
Picture of Spuds Cafe in downtown Chester Montana.   Picture of the Chester Montana art center sign.   The Chester Bank Historical Marker  
      42405  Let's walk east on Highway two before we eat breakfast.                   (Click on any of the pictures to see a larger image.)
Picture the Sugar Shack diner on US highway 2 in Chester Montana.
      42405  The "Sugar Shack" is listed in the Kansas State Historical Society inventory of "Valentine Diners."
      "Valentine Diners"  were pre-built "ten-seat" lunch counters built in the Wichita, Kansas and shipped all over the country.
Picture panorama of Highway Two in Chester Montana.
     42405  Listen - did you hear something?  Can you see the hills out on the northern horizon.  I hear them calling don't you?                                                                                                                                                                                  Sweet Grass Hills:                   East Butte     Gold Butte (Middle Butte)               Haystack Butte                                            West Butte
     Jump in the truck, we're heading for the hills!
     We could drive over twenty miles of gravel road and lose a headlight.   Like we did the previous day.
     Or we can drive west on Highway 2, turn north onto Interstate 15 and take the road from Sunburst, Montana.
     Your call, "Heads" we go to Sunburst, "Tails" we eat dust...   
Chester, Montana  (Page four of nine)
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Article about the Sweet Grass Hills by Cowboy Heaven Consultants
Drive west of Chester to Browning, Montana & Glacier Park
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