St Lawrence Church

Looking South down Main Street

West Daly Street and Mulldoone St.

West Daly Street

View of the St. Lawrence Mine

Granite Mtn. Mine Memorial

The View North

2003 View - Looks Better Now

View to the Southeast

2009 View - The "Playground"

Walkerville View

View from the Old Sherman School Area

2005 Christmas View

Welcome!  There is so much to see, so let’s get started on

this twelve stop Butte, Montana Picture Tour.


Welcome to the Butte, Montana Picture Tours.  We will start the Butte tour, at my old summer playground, Walkerville, Montana (Elevation 6,903ft / 1,923m).  During the tour please remember not to pick up any blasting caps (see gallery) and be sure you are home before the nine pm fire siren sounds.   Will let gravity pull down us down from Walkerville to the Montana Tech and Big Butte area.  We’ll explore the World Museum of Mining, the historic buildings in the St James Hospital area then walk east down West Park Street to the historic and picturesque downtown area.  We’ll climb the East Ridge, explore the “Flats” and more.  All that walking around makes you thirsty so, of course, we will ride out “Harding Way” (old Highway 2) to get a drink from the water fountain found along side the road.

No visit to Walkerville would be complete without paying a visit to the Granite Mountain Mine Memorial (June 8, 1917).  The grave marker of the mass grave of 168 miners can be seen in the Mountain View Cemetery down on the “Flats” near the airport.

Need help navigating?  Scroll down to the bottom of each Butte, Montana Pictures Tour page and you will find a link to the next stop of the tour in the bottom right corner (tablet) or the last image on the bottom the page (phones).