Walk East on West Park Street

Look Back

Copper King Mansion - 219 W. Granite

Copper King Mansion From Behind

The Old YMCA - 405 W. Park

First Presbyterian Church (1896) 215 W. Broadway

Mother Lode Theater - 316 W. Park

Back of the Mother Lode Theater

Washington and Silver Street

Old St James Hospital - West Mercury

Old Duggan Dolan Mortuary on Quartz Street

Let’s walk along Park Street to Downtown Butte, Montana

We like capturing the sunlight bouncing off the brick and stone surfaces as we walk around Butte, Montana. If you have a question about the history of a particular building in the Butte-Anaconda National Historic Landmark District, there is a fantastic resource you can connect to for historical details on over 6,000 buildings.  Go to  http://butte-anacondanhld.blogspot.com/