Harding Way (Highway 2)

Favorite Butte area Barn

Old Dairy Barn?

Fountain near Georgetown Lake

Trout Fountain in Whitehall

We are sorry to say, The fountains on Harding Way and cabins in Elk Park, Montana are the final leg,

of the Butte, Montana Picture Tours.

The next two butte landmarks are not within Butte City limits but deserve a place in any Butte, Montana tour.

South of Butte you will find Montana Highway 2, the original route to Whitehall and Bozeman, Montana. Locally known as “Harding Way,” the road is a fantastic ride consisting of winding curves and magnificent views of the city lights below.  The name “Harding Way” was given to the road in tribute of President Warren G. Harding’s visit to Butte in 1923.  In addition to Thompson Park and towering railroad trestles near the highway, you will see two 1930’s era water fountains that were a motorist’s savior when their vehicle overheated while trying to climb up the mountain road.  Both fountains have been decommissioned but locals still stop for drinking water by hiking above the fountain to find the spring.  Raise your hand if you remember driving up to the fountains on “Harding Way” for the views and mountain spring water.  We thought you might like to see two more fountains located a short drive from Butte.  The beautiful fountain found near Georgetown Lake and the timeless “Trout Fountain” in Whitehall, Montana.

North of Butte you will find Elk Park, Montana.  For a time, Elk Park was the source of fresh dairy for Butte during the turn of the century. Today you will find the Elk Park Volunteer Fire Department and on of the prettiest log cabin and barn in Montana. See for yourself.

If there a Butte, Montana landmark that you did not see in the tour please send us a request and we will see if we don’t have a picture in our archive.