Welcome to the Brooks, Montana Picture Tour

The community of Brooks, Montana north of Lewistown, Montana.  To the south you can see the Big Snowy Mountains. They are on far horizon.  Click here to get a closer look from Ackerly Lake State Park.  Go the Judith Gap Montana Picture Tour to see beautiful views of the “Big Snowy Mountains” from the south.

To the left you can see part of the Judith Mountains.  You can take the gravel road, State Road 238, from Lewistown to pass under the south side of the Judith Mountains.  Make the trip in late June for a memorable drive through Forest Grove and Grass Range, Montana.

For the folks that have too little time and way too much of Montana to see, Highway 87/200 is the fastest route to pass over the north side of the Judith Mountains. The drive is a pretty two lane paved road that climbs into the Judith Mountains and rolls down to the town of Grass Range, Montana.  Below is a view from Highway 87/200 shot during the month of June.

In the future, we will build a separate webpage for the towns you pass through if you elect to ride Highway 191 north to the Charlie Russell National Wildlife Refuge on the Missouri River, Zortman and Malta, Montana.  For now, we will post some of images of Hilger, Fergus and Roy, Montana that we have collected over the years.

P.S. Check your gas gauge.  There will be lots of tempting side roads during the trip, so it’s best to leave Lewistown with a full gas tank.