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Welcome to the Boyes, Montana Picture Tour

The Boyes, Montana Post Office on State Route 212 between Broadus and Alzada, Montana.  We really like to travel around Carter County in Southeast Montana.  You can still see Montana landscape that have been around for centuries.  Drive north of Alzada on county road 323 to see the natural landmarks like the spectacular “Capital Rock” or the unforgettable “Medicine Rocks State Park.”

Another website visitor made our day

On 4/14/14 website visitor “E.K” wrote “I’m doing research regarding Great Depression / New Deal projects undertaken in Montana during the 1930s and early 1940s, and one project noted in an article is a new school building in Boyes, Montana,
which would have been built with WPA funds in 1938-1939. It’s great to be able to see the school building on the MontanaPictures.Net  website. Do you have any information on the 1930s school building?”  We got “E.K.” in touch with the Montana Historical Society in Helena and provided more pictures of WPA buildings around Montana.

If you would like to see a tour of your Montana hometown just send us a Request.   We gladly take requests because you get to see beautiful eye level images of  “home” and we learn more fascinating information about Montana.