What made the hike to Danaher Meadows in the Bob Marshall Wilderness special was we would see the location on the map for years but never made time to hike in, to see what it looked like. It was so worth the hike. Below is our first view of Danaher Meadows.

Above you can see the Sunset views of the meadows and the Swan Mountains to the west. We spent the next two days exploring the abandoned homestead. Everywhere you looked you would see rusting farm equipment that never made it back to civilization. Our jaw dropped when we ran across the old phone on the north end of Danaher Meadows. Imagine having to check the phone line for breaks every Spring. You would have to spend days removing trees that fell on the wire during the long winter.

As luck would have it, the day we returned to the Trailhead the sky was beginning to become hazy with smoke from a small Forest Fire to the west. We did this hike in late August which usually means smoke filled pictures. Guess someone up stairs knew how bad we really wanted to see the Danaher Meadows under clear blue skies.