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The entire time you tour the Big Horn Canyon area you keep asking yourself, “Are we still in Montana?” The area is full of ancient history, wild horses, 800-foot-tall canyon cliffs, sacred mountains and wildlife adapted for the desert. To really see some memorable views plan a morning (before 10 AM) or late afternoon (after 4 PM) visit. Then stay the night. In the morning, you will be greeted by a chorus of singing birds unlike anything you have ever experienced in Montana. We realize time is tight, so we included a video (bottom of the page) to give you an idea what a typical Big Horn Canyon morning in June looks and sounds like.

Completed in 1968, the Yellowtail Dam backs up the Big Horn River for over seventy-one miles. From Fort Smith, Montana to south of the Wyoming state line. The area consists of over 120,000 acres. Here are just some of the stops we make during the Big Horn Canyon Tour: A short hike on the “Sullivan’s Knob” trail for another incredible view of the Bighorn River. The “Horseshoe Bend Campground” just below the Montana, Wyoming state line. The “Devil Canyon Overlook ” and the campsites at the  Trail Creek Campground.

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