Bannack, Montana State Park

Meade Hotel

Outside Bannack, Montana

Bannack, Montana

Masonic Lodge

Governor's Mansion

Welcome to the Bannack State Park Montana Picture Tour

If you are in a hurry, we’ll try to “condense” a tour of Bannack, Montana…   Bannack is remote. Bannack is full of interesting buildings built in the 1870’s. The town still feels as if the former inhabitants are only away on holiday. Bannack is just plain pretty. Driving from the Big Hole River Valley  towards Dillon, Montana on state highway 278, you will see the sign guiding you to Bannack, Montana.

Before you enter Bannack you’ll pass the Bannack Cemetery. If the day is almost over, stop here. Otherwise, spend the day in Bannack and return to watch the sunset among the markers. As you enter the town, I you are immediately drawn towards the Masonic Lodge on the south side of the street.  The building was built in 1874. The top floor served as the lodge and ground floor housed the grade school.

Across from the Masonic Lodge, you will find our favorite Bannack, Montana building – the Hotel Meade.  The building was built in 1875 and was the County Seat of Beaverhead County but fell into disuse in the late 1880’s. In 1890 Dr. John Singleton Meade converted the empty building into a hotel.

On the north side of the street – The Roe/Graves house built in 1867 by William Roe. This was the first frame house built in Bannack. The interior wallpaper is something to marvel at. In Montana, the wallpaper on a cabin wall can give a glimpse into the past.  Let’s go into a cabin and read a little history.

In Montana, the wallpaper on a cabin wall can give a glimpse into the past.  One hundred years ago, wallpaper helped keep out the cold drafts. Anything handy, like old newspaper, could be used as wallpaper. If you’re lucky, you can see still read the newspaper under the store bought wallpaper. In the  Roe/Graves house we found pieces of a 1915 edition of the San Francisco Chronicle.