Capital Rock In June

Hike Towards Capital Rock

Stoneville Saloon

The View South From The Long Pines Tower

The "Rims" South Of Ekalaka

Welcome to the Alzada, Montana Picture Tour

Crossing the state line on Highway 212 you see our all time favorite sign standing in a patch of Prickly Pear cactus.  The sign reads: “Welcome To Montana ”  To this day, the sign can still bring a tear of joy to my eye. Immediately after seeing our favorite sign you see the tiny community of Alzada, Montana.  Alzada doesn’t get much publicity because it’s remote location in the extreme southeast corner of Montana.  The town is 460 miles from Helena, 224 miles from Billings, 54 miles from Broadus  and 33 miles from “Devil’s Tower” in Wyoming.

Possibly because the Alzada is so far from influences from the outside world, that people there still use their imagination for fun and recreation.  For instance, the rustic looking Stoneville Saloon in Alzada advertises “Cheap beer, Lousy food”.  For Alzada recreation, we were fortunate to see a Kids (Youth) Rodeo for cowboys and cowgirls 13-year-old and under.  Ekalaka, Montana holds a Youth Rodeo every Fourth of July.  If you get a chance, go!  It’s the closest thing to seeing a western version of a Norman Rockwell painting.

Speaking of out of the ordinary, consider taking State Road 323 north to Ekalaka, Montana.  The the gravel road will allow you to see the incredible country that Carter County is famous for.  Above is a panorama of “Capital Rock” shot during the month of June.  You will see a wonderful western landscape unlike any other in Montana.