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Alberton, Montana Picture Tour

Ride along the Clark Fork River from Alberton, Montana to Superior, Montana.





Welcome to Missoula’s Old Milwaukee Road Train Depot (Left).  In front of us, the Clark Fork River and downtown Missoula, Montana.  On the right, you can see the Higgins Avenue bridge. We like Missoula best in the Fall. The changing color of the leaves makes a visit to this western Montana town memorable.


See what we mean?  Here is a Fall view in Missoula’s “University District.”


The votes have been counted.  We’re going east towards Mount Sentinel, the old  Van Buren Street foot bridge and Jacobs Island.


The old Van Buren Street foot bridge.  This is a great place to “cool off” in the summer. Wet a fishing line in the Fall.  Or watch chunks ice float under the foot bridge in late Winter.  If you look just above the bridge you can just barely see the letter “L” on Mount Jumbo. (The “L” stands for Loyola High School.) We’ll use the foot bridge to cross over the Clark Fork River and return to the Higgins Avenue bridge.

The incredible view of the Tobacco Root Mountains from the Madison County Fair grandstands in Twin Bridges, MT.

Over the past fifteen years we have received dozens of requests to see the “Montana Children’s Center” near Twin Bridges,   We hope the siging birds sound familiar to Twin Bridges, Montana visitors.  We recorded the early morning birds at the “Glen Bridge” on the Big Hole River.




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