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      61216 Join us as we tour of the Ghost Town Garnet, Montana.
      You will be disappointed if  you are looking for ghosts in the popular Ghost Town of Garnet, Montana. Year-around visitors to the
      old mining town means the ghosts left long ago.  If you really want to hear ghosts, ride southeast to Medicine Rocks north of
     Ekalaka, Montana.   Pitch a tent, skip the campfire and listen carefully, they're out there.
View of Garnet, Montana
      61216  The Gold Mining camp of Garnet, Montana began in 1897.
      Thanks to careful caretaking of the buildings over the years, the site is one of the best perseved Ghost Towns in Montana.
      (Please scroll to the right to see the view.)
Garnet Ghost Town east of Missoula, Montana (Page one of one)
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Ride south to explore Rock Creek
Garnet is nice but don't forget Bannack, Montana
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